How I went from being a disorganized, defeated, and overwhelmed mom to helping thousands of moms create the home and life they love. 

I had four sons ages eight and under and I felt like it was all I could do to just keep my family fed and clothed! I  was just surviving. I was inconveniencing others with my tardiness and spending too much time looking for lost items and papers. My own disorderliness was keeping me from loving my family and others around me in the ways that I wanted to.

 Out of my dire need for help and through prayer I discovered some strategies that turned things around for us. My neighbors took note of the difference and, after a number of them inquired about the changes, in the interest of time we gathered weekly for 8 weeks for me to share my new-found secrets. Every one I invited came, and they came every week.

That was my first clue that I wasn't the only one feeling like I needed help in getting a handle on home and life with young children.

Soon after that, I was asked to lead a breakout session on home efficiency at a women's conference. I was teaching in a room with a maximum capacity of 50 people and had 30 copies of each session's handout. But more than 100 women squeezed into the small, stuffy room the first session… Sitting on the floor, standing in the back, leaning in from the hall, not even wanting to leave when the hour was over. The scenario was repeated during each of the sessions that weekend.

Since that time I have had the privilege of sharing the strategies with thousands of other women through my 8-week course, large stages, local moms groups, and the Coach Mom Tribe membership. I have had the joy of witnessing the transformation of many hearts, homes, and families.

You know what's cool? Because managing the daily details of a home and family don't come naturally to me, I'm better able to help others who have the same struggles.

I've been teaching drawing lessons for 26 years. One thing that makes me a great art teacher is the fact that I'm not a natural artist. I wasn't a prodigy artist--sitting down as a kid to draw elaborate pictures of things. But my grandmother trained my eyes to look at things in a way that allowed me to reproduce them on paper. I can turn out a pretty good drawing of anything I can see.

I walk my students through drawing, step-by-step and train their eyes in the same way that my grandmother trained mine. Everyone of my students succeed, because a person doesn't have to be naturally gifted to draw well.

In the same way, I need an intentional plan to stay on top of what it takes to keep a home and large family running. That uniquely equips me to help others who also need a plan.

Would you allow me, a veteran coach of seven children who is still on the playing field, to serve as your guide?

 The Coach Mom 7 strategies are a   powerful thing, mixed with my intense   desire to make the most of whatever God gives me, whether that is time, talents, opportunities, resources, relationships,…or children. They give me what I need to keep our home and family in order and be productive and intentional each day! I gave birth to five children in less than nine years and then adopted two more after that. Through trial and error and much prayer, I've learned some things that make family life with children run smoother. And though I was not looking for one more thing to add to my plate when I had five children ages 10 and under, I felt compelled by God to share the strategies with other moms through Coach Mom. Get the book here

Every mom's application of the seven strategies is different--as different and unique as each individual God has created.

Just as all of my students succeed in their own ways, you too, without having to be naturally gifted, can succeed in having a home life that runs peacefully and purposefully. Since you are still reading this, I have a hunch that you want to do more than survive.

 Do you want to...

  • Stop wasting time, and make the most of this season with children?
  • Be as effective and intentional as you can be?
  • Create a warm and peaceful home?
  • Nurture your children in their unique gifts?
  • Grow in your marriage and other meaningful relationships?

I want to propose to you, mom, that...

you are the coach of your home team.

You set the pace and the tone, you cheer others towards their goals as you reach your own, and you give the pep talk at the end of a hard day when a team member is discouraged.


Let's look together at the day-to-day choices we can make as coaches of our families:

  • what we fight to protect
  • what we decide to let go
  • when we must give our all
  • when we may hold back
  • how we manage our time and all that is in our care

I understand your struggles and I care. It would be my privilege to help guide you toward an organized family and home life that you love.

- Brenna


Brenna is an internationally best-selling author with her book Coach Mom: 7 Strategies for Organizing Your Family into an All-Star Team. She has been mentoring women for 25 years and has had the opportunity to impact thousands of moms everywhere from local moms group meetings to the International Mothers of Preschoolers Conference. Passionate and transparent, she inspires women to live the lives they were created for, full of purpose and joy.

Brenna and her husband Chris help couples develop powerful communication to enhance intimacy and clarity of shared family vision. Brenna, her pastor husband, and her children live in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

For more information, see Brenna's other websiteread her blog, follow her on Facebook or view her You Tube Channel. You can also view her and her two daughters speaking to 500+ mom's at a recent event. 

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