Mom Like a Boss

Parenting kids and running a home comes with many challenges, and I can help! 

Coach Mom strategies bring big wins and cultivate a love for God, family, home, and others.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and self-doubt. Get organized so that you can put your time and energy into the things that really matter.
Brenna, sign me up!
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Kimberly Soukup, TX mom of 2

"I wasn't sure I was cut out to be Coach Mom....but I have noticed several things...a more disciplined and organized momma and kids who are growing in their abilities as well as learning to contribute to the family well.

I really enjoy the monthly group meetings. Hearing from other moms who are dealing with successes and struggles that look a lot like my own helps me push forward.

I would recommend Coach Mom to any mom who is looking for a 'Momma makeover' not in appearance but in heart. My heart for my family has shifted as I have grown in my understanding of how I can be my best and lead my family to be their best too! Coach Mom Tribe is a safe place to grow with like-minded women and be encouraged in your strengths while challenging anything you may be lacking."

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Kehau Leitz, AZ mom of 4

"This is my favorite gift I've ever given myself!

Thinking of all the memberships out there, I have gained something that has been super valuable: a refreshing return to being a fun mom and the understanding that I need help as much as all the help I'm giving to these kids, my husband, and my home.

I highly recommend this membership to all moms! I consider myself as someone who is 'put together' and good at organizing/managing things. I often have the 'I can do this' attitude until I'm burned out and yelling at my kids because I'm stressed from all the needs....I've now been able to think things more simply and to HAVE FUN doing this thing called motherhood. Thank goodness for Coach Mom Tribe!

My family has benefited from having a mom who has support! I’m in awe at how my children work WITH me and not against me from tips I’ve used from being in the tribe. I love how it’s simple. I love this tribe, too!"

Say "good riddance" to...

  • Being too embarrassed by clutter to host guests
  • Being overworked and discouraged because you are trying to do everything yourself
  • Feeling defeated by a sink full of dishes, unmade beds, and piled up laundry
  • Chaotic school mornings and a messy kitchen
  • The angst of late-afternoon indecisions about dinner
  • The frustration of wasting time looking for papers and things
  • The imbalance of giving more attention to the kids than to the marriage
  • The discouragement of kids obsessed with phones, and schedules too busy for family dinners

Say "hello" to...

  • The happiness of being a hospitable host focused on others
  • The encouragement of family members sharing the responsibilities of household tasks
  • Calmly and efficiently getting out of the house in the morning with everything that you need
  • Pre-prepped school lunches that lead to peaceful mornings and clean kitchens
  • Rocking the meal planning with joy
  • The empowered feeling of being able to get your hands on needed papers and things within minutes
  • The balance  of cultivating a marriage-centered family with the Lord Jesus Christ as the foundation
  • The security of the family dinner table as the main point of connection and celebration

Monthly Deliverables:

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"How To" Teaching Sessions 

 Brenna shares her best strategies. Worksheets with action steps included.

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Group Coaching & Accountability Calls

Brenna answers questions and moms collaborate ideas through small group breakouts

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Special Guest Interviews

Hearing from others who've been there spurs new ideas and inspiration.

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Practical Swipe Files

Things like packing list templates, thrifty birthday party checklists, & teacher gift ideas to save you time, effort and thought. 

The Coach Mom Success Path: 5 Stages

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Emma Williams, UK mom of 6

"I am so glad I joined the Coach Mom Tribe. I love the constant support -- it is practical, achievable, and really does make a difference!

Brenna is happy to help with specifics to my family dynamics, and she has so much experience and insight she drops pearls of wisdom in every virtual encounter.

[In Coach Mom Tribe] I have an extra network of support with Christian mothers who 'get it', and Brenna constantly cheering me on and inspiring me to be the child of God I am called to be in the circumstances He has me in."

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Kira Ingham, TX mom of 3

"Much of the [Coach Mom] information helps moms with newborns to grade school children. However, organizational skills are important at any stage in life.

As a military wife, I have spent many years organizing our family as we made moves, as I worked at times, as the children grew, and as their activities changed. Each stage required and still requires re-evaluation.

The stories in Coach Mom are relatable and her tips practical...Though my three children are grown now, spending time in the Coach MomTribe is actually saving me time."

Hit Your Goals as the Community Cheers You on

In our private Facebook group:

  • share before and after photos
  • ask questions
  • share ideas
  • celebrate successes
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Coach Mom Spotlight: Mother of four Lisa Brown

  • To have my house clean on a Tuesday when no one is coming over!'s just for us. 
  • It feels like I'm living in someone else's house -- like a bed and breakfast situation. 
  • It just feels less stressful.
  • Now that my house is orderly, I'm in a better emotional state and I can bring out the mess to have fun with them and they can help put it away. There's a system.
  • The phrase "It's a Dream to Have a Team" has really transformed my thinking -- instead of just looking for good behavior in my kids, it has a deeper meaning.

Brenna's story

I'm not naturally how can I be your guide?

Four boys ages 8 and under, and I was in a desperate place. When we tried to leave the house, kids couldn't find their shoes, I couldn't find my keys, and we couldn't get anywhere on time.

I cried out to the Lord asking how I could possibly bring order to my home and life. As ideas began to flow, I implemented them...and they worked, even for someone as non-detail oriented as me!

Neighbors saw changes and started asking what I was doing. After this became the focus of many personal conversations, we formed a small group and 9 moms came together to discuss strategies each week. That was the first Coach Mom small group.

Using those strategies I was even able to write a book about it (without my family even knowing it!) when I had 5 children ages 9 and under.

Fast forward a few years...

After a publisher picked up my book proposal and published it as Coach Mom, I had the joy of leading a number of groups in studies based on my book.

They were the most amazing communities. Moms pooled their ideas and applied the strategies in ways I had never dreamed of. I was absolutely blown away with each group and the progress they made. 

More recently, when I got the rights back to my book and was revising it, it hit me that with online opportunities now abounding, moms anywhere could be a part of a Coach Mom group.

So that brings it back to me and you and our opportunity.


Don't just survive. THRIVE.

Don't let overwhelm keep you from being the mom you want to be for your family.

Link arms with other moms who are on a path to faithfully steward their homes and families.

Your family deserves your best. Your family deserves Coach Mom.

Brenna, let me in!