Coach Mom Live 

Most moms long to create a peaceful and nurturing space where every member of the family can blossom and thrive.

But because of the cacophony of the world, the wide variety of needs of each child, and a rush-rush schedule, they find themselves feeling overwhelmed, defeated and just surviving most days.

Coach Mom Live 2024: Be Still is a fun and encouraging getaway for moms to be still and receive.

You will return home refreshed, encouraged, and empowered to calm the chaos, help family members flourish, and create a harmonious home environment your whole family can enjoy.


Get away, rest, reflect, connect with other moms, and go home feeling encouraged, equipped, and empowered for this next season.

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Take a break & take a breath

Rest, relax and receive what the Lord has for you to comfort and provide for you in this season.

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Connect & be understood

Make friendships with other moms who love God and desire to faithfully steward this season

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Be encouraged and equipped

Learn purposeful home and family practices to infuse peace into daily living

The Schedule

Friday, Feb. 23

5:30 pm | Registered attendees check-in, Doors open

6:00 pm | Table talk intros, fun & game mixers

6:15 pm |  The first Main Session, with worship led by Derek and Taylor Stull

6:30 pm |  "Heavenly Harp Sound Bath" by Phoenix Symphony Harpist Heidi Hernandez 

7:30 - 8 pm | Cookies, Cocoa & Connections - mix and mingle with new friends, meet the speakers and musicians and celebrate our first night together

8 - 8:45 pm | Optional "Let's talk" bonus session for adoptive/foster/step moms

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Saturday, Feb. 24

8:30 am | Coffee bar is open! Grab a cup of freshly roasted coffee and one of Brenna's homemade cinnamon rolls

9 am | Main Session #2: worship led by Derek and Taylor Stull, message by Jill Rhodes, "Rest Assured"

10:15 - 10:45 am | Prayer Experience - Receive prayer for you and your family from loving intercessors

11 - 11:45 am | Breakout Session, choose to hear Jill Rhodes teach "The Well-Watered Mom  - or -  Amy Carney teach "Roadmap to Parenting on Purpose"  - or -  Brenna Stull teach "Thrive: 7 Steps to Calm the Chaos" (especially for adoptive/foster/and step moms)

12 pm | Lunch provided, around the tables

2 pm | Main Session #3, worship led by Derek and Taylor Stull, "Mapping out YOUR Peace-FULL Plan" with Brenna Stull

2:45 pm | Discussion and Peace Mapping around Tables

3:30 pm | Testimonials & Ask us Anything Panel

4:00 pm | Say goodbye, take last-minute photos, and the Truth Mom Tribe is open for new members. Join for ongoing support and to stay connected throughout the year.

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Meet Harpist Dr. Heidi Hernandez

Heidi is the Founder of HarpSynergy, a group of enthusiastic harpists who love to share the joy of music with each other and audiences all over Arizona.

She is also a songwriter, a Freelance Harpist and plays with The Phoenix Symphony. 

But she is so much more than that.

She is fierce against the kingdom of darkness, a prayer warrior who wars in the spiritual with her anointed music and prayers.

She will be sharing her gifts through a "Heavenly Harp Sound Bath" on Friday night that will bring healing and calm to your soul and spirit.

Meet Worship Leaders Derek and Taylor Stull

Husband and wife duo, Derek and Taylor Stull (@thestullsmusic) have been joyfully serving together in music ministry for over a decade. At the heart of their ministry, they hope to foster the presence of the Holy Spirit and lead those gathered to the feet of Jesus.

Derek serves as head music director at a local west valley high school, directing 3 choirs, band ensemble, and all musical performances.

Taylor (@taylorstullmusic) dedicates her time to songwriting & song production, seeing it as her unique way of bringing the Lord’s light into the world.

Both serve together to lead worship at various churches/events around the valley of Phoenix & beyond. 

Meet Guest Speaker Jill Rhodes

What people are saying:

"Where do you even start when you are talking about Jill Rhodes? Being in her presence you find comfort and encouragement.  Her teaching brings the Old Testament to life as she unveils the golden thread of Christ that ties it to the New Testament.  When she finishes, she always leaves you wanting more."  - Renee Hanson

"For over 25 years I have had the privilege of being taught by Jill. God has given her a gift of being able to discern His word and communicate it in a way that makes it come alive, be applicable and penetrate the heart of even the newest believer." - Debbi Baker

"From the first time I heard Jill's anointed Bible teaching 25 years ago, I knew I would never be the same as she opened the door into deeper discoveries about the Lord." - Brenna Stull

"God breathed! So insightful and able to teach the deep thoughts of God in a clear and easily understandable way. We enjoy the abundant fruit of her labors and she has increased our faith." - Maggie Phillips

When she is not serving her family as wife, mom and grandma, Jill’s greatest love is exploring the deep riches of God’s Word. Over the last 40 years, she has shared the heart of God’s Word with women around the world through writing, teaching, and mentoring the next generations.

Jill, through Grace & Glory Ministries (founded by David and Jill), has written more than 30 Bible studies, which the Lord has used to encourage women in over 75 nations. She also serves locally as the Women’s Minister at Wellspring Church in Goodyear, Arizona.

Meet Guest Speaker Amy Carney

Amy Carney is the author of Parent on Purpose and 100 Questions for Mom. She is a popular writer and speaker helping parents intentionally live their lives and raise their children with more joy and purpose.

She and her husband of 25 years have six children and live in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Amy is also an advocate for foster care and adoption in Arizona. You can follow her work at or on social media @amylcarney.

Amy will be leading "Roadmap to Parenting on Purpose: The importance of looking at the end of full-time parenthood and making goals and decisions today based on the end."



Want a peace-filled heart and home?

Don't let overwhelm keep you from being the mom you want to be for your family.

Retreat to rest, reflect, and reset.

Find the space you need to share, be supported, and set your sights on bringing peace to this season.

Brenna, sign me up!

Would you like to...

  • Retreat¬†to rest, reflect, and reset
  • Find the space you need to share, be supported, and set your sights on bringing peace to this season.

This is your time. Because you are right here, right now, you have a unique opportunity. 

The 2nd annual Coach Mom Live is coming, and it is only $97.

For about the cost for a family of 4 to eat dinner out, you can enjoy a weekend that will bless your family for years to come.

Great deal, right?

Well, hold on to your hat...

Contact Brenna at [email protected]¬†to get a promo code that will save you even more!

So, scroll down, click the button to sign up NOW

Then get ready to...

  • Take a break & take a breath
  • Connect & be understood
  • Be encouraged & equipped

Coach Mom Live


Feb. 23-24, 2024 Retreat

  • Harp Sound Bath
  • Amazing Worship
  • Teaching Sessions
  • Prayer Experience¬†
  • Retreat bag with notebook, pen, modern calligraphy canvas, and more!
  • Connect with other moms
  • Friday night dessert
  • Saturday morning coffee and pastry
  • Saturday lunch

Brenna's story

Four boys ages 8 and under, and I was in a desperate place. When we tried to leave the house, kids couldn't find their shoes, I couldn't find my keys, and we couldn't get anywhere on time.

I cried out to the Lord asking how I could possibly bring order to my home and life. As ideas began to flow, I implemented them...and they worked, even for someone as non-detail oriented as me!

Neighbors saw changes and started asking what I was doing. After this became the focus of many personal conversations, we formed a small group and 9 moms came together to discuss strategies each week. That was the first Coach Mom small group.

Using those strategies I was even able to write a book about it (without my family even knowing it!) when I had 5 children ages 9 and under.

Fast forward a few years...

After a publisher picked up my book proposal and published it as Coach Mom, I had the joy of leading a number of groups in studies based on my book.

They were the most amazing communities. Moms pooled their ideas and applied the strategies in ways I had never dreamed of. I was absolutely blown away with each group and the progress they made. 

More recently, when I got the rights back to my book and was revising it, it hit me that with online opportunities now abounding, moms anywhere could be a part of a Coach Mom group.

The last three years moms have thrived, stayed encouraged and made progress even in the midst of one of the hardest seasons in modern day life.

Last year was our first chance to bring it in person to a weekend retreat setting, at Coach Mom Live 2023!

We had God-moments at every turn with Coach Mom Live 2023, and this year's retreat looks to be even more powerful!

This year we have the addition of a Heavenly Harp Sound Bath with Phoenix Symphony Harpist Heidi Hernandez, singer/songwriters Derek and Taylor Stull leading worship, and a time set aside for each mom to be prayed over (if they would like).

So that brings us back to your opportunity.

Sign up for Coach Mom Live TODAY 

Limited seats are available -- reserve yours today!

Friday and Saturday, Feb. 23-24, 2024
Mission Valley Church, Phoenix, AZ
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