12 Fun Ideas to Get Kids Off Their Screens

parenting Jul 17, 2021

We are in the midst of an "Unplug From Screens & Create" Challenge in the Coach Mom Tribe this month, complete with a grand prize incentive.

I'm so excited about the great non-screen things that the kids are doing! Cooking/bakingclimbing treeswalking dogs, making homemade "hurdles" to practice with, harvesting garden veggies, creating robot costumes out of extra boxes, making edible slime, even inventing some homemade mouse traps to serve the family!

Would you like to get your kids off screens and on to beneficial activities?

Here are 12 of the many ideas I had for my Coach Mom Tribe kids:

  1. Play outside in sprinkler
  2. Write a letter to your grandparents
  3. Speed stack cups (can buy online)
  4. Make inventions out of recyclable materials such as buttons, bottle caps, yarn, leather strips, wire, boxes, etc. 
  5. Write a poem
  6. Collect insects, leaves, grass, etc. and study them under a microscope or magnifying glass
  7. Cut out pictures from magazines - things you like, and glue them on a poster board
  8. Wear costumes and put on a play for your family (if they need a story, encourage them to use one from the Bible)
  9. Have a dance party - create “tickets” for people to use, have them dress up, eat popcorn and drink soft drinks
  10. Create a tent out of sheets
  11. Make a hopscotch on the sidewalk with chalk
  12. Blow up balloons, turn on music and see if you and your siblings can can keep them punched up so they don’t touch the floor before each song ends

I hope these ideas will help you encourage your kids to spend a little less time on brain-numbing screens and get on to some fun activities rich with benefits.

What idea mentioned in this post would you like to encourage the kids in your life to try? I'd love to hear from you in comments below.

And if you'd like to have step-by-step help on organizing your home and family within a group of faith-minded moms, click here now. The Coach Mom Tribe will be opening its doors again soon, and I will let you know!

 Here's to summer fun in your home!


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