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A Blessing and Little Song for You

I pray this new song, written and recorded by Taylor Stull, will refresh your spirit and soul as you look to the Lord.  

(By the way, if your kids hear this song, you may be hearing them sing it the rest of the day! It seems to have that effect.) :)  


Taylor shares:   

"This little song is now spreading its wings & how I hope it soars!  

Psalm 24. 'Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place? Those who have clean hands and pure hearts.'  

With every step, I come to the knowledge that anywhere with Jesus is safe.  

The more I let him cleanse me.

Purify me.

The more I experience him.  

Take me on the mountain.

Or take me to your riverside.

Mountain high.

Valley low.

Anywhere you want to go…..  

Just change me as we walk together.  

When I hear this song, I feel like I’m soaring high above the clouds.

Kissing the tops of streams & running through open...

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Stull Family: What was Cooking in 2023?

in my life Dec 25, 2023


3 EARNED DEGREES - Dillon, MD (Stanford Med School), Micah, University Scholar in biology, biochemistry, philosophy & Spanish minor (Baylor), Karis B.S. in Biology with Spanish minor (Dallas Baptist University)

1 HOSPITAL RESIDENT - Dillon, Family Medicine 

1 HOUSE BOUGHT - Dillon (in Indiana)

1 HOSTED RETREAT - Brenna, the 1st “Coach Mom Live” in February (with special helps for foster/adoptive moms)

4 PRESENTED AT CONFERENCES- Dillon @ Notre Dame Ethics Conf., Karis @ DBU Conf., and Chris & Brenna at multiple

2 TEAM SPIRITUAL LEADERS - Karis and John led team prayer before their college soccer games

5 WORSHIP LEADERS - Derek and Taylor led countless hours, Dillon, Micah and Brenna led with groups. Micah worshipped at Asbury!

4 LED PRAYER GROUPS- Dillon (Stanford men),Micah (60 BU students), Brenna (3-yr old Weekday Zoom Mtg.), Chris (multiple teams)

2 GARDEN TO TABLES - Dillon’s cucumbers...

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Merry Christmas From the Stulls

in my life Dec 24, 2022

God bless you from my family to yours this Christmas and throughout 2023!

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Do You Feel Like Quitting?


Do you ever just feel like giving up?

You have hopes, but keep hitting roadblocks...

it's just too hard?

I had that day a few months back and God sent me a message at just the right time --

It came out through my printer!

Please allow me to share the story with you through this video.

It encouraged me, and I hope it will also encourage you.

Comment and let me know that you are choosing to NOT quit.

If you have a friend who is ready to quit, please share this post with her.

Blessings, my friend!

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Happy Heart Day in Honor of Baby Dottie

in my life Feb 06, 2021

Dottie was not even a week old and she was in the biggest fight of her life...a fight for life.

We were all praying, including Kathy, who showed up at prayer group with some of the cutest little shoes. They were for Dottie. 

"Every girl's gotta have red shoes," Kathy said. "Especially when your name is Dorothy."

Baby Dorothy, "Dottie", was born 21 months ago to our niece Caitlin and husband Brad. An ultrasound had shown that the heart might be irregular, but they had no idea until she was born that she had only half a heart, and a very rare and serious version of it.

 God's provision was unreal: the best surgeon in the world for this type of surgery served at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital Children's Heart Center, right there in Houston. Parents from all over the world bring their children to this surgeon because he is the only one that offers this surgery.

Dottie had to fight through two lengthy open heart surgeries within the first two months -- the...

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