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Strategies to Fly for Less this Summer

productivity Jun 12, 2023

Would you like to fly to visit a family member or friend this summer, but don't think you can swing it financially?

Yes, airline prices have gone up (along with everything else), but there are still deals out there from airlines like Spirit, Allegiant and Frontier. Even United Airlines has jumped into the low-cost ring with a personal-bag-only option.

Check out this seven minute video with my best strategies, which have worked for me now on almost 30 backpack-only cheap trips.

At first I couldn't imagine how I could survive a trip with only my backpack, but 8 years ago this mama hurdled that obstacle when my son was the lead in his college's musical, and I realized I could make do with a lot less than I thought.

One year with this strategy we even were able to afford to fly 7 of us in to see him in another musical!

One bonus tip that I don't think I mentioned in the video: Check in for your flight just two hours before the...

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FLY CHEAP - How to pack for a BACKPACK ONLY weekend trip


Last month I flew to Dallas and back for less than the cost of what it takes to fill up my car with gas!

How does the sound of a super cheap weekend trip sound to you?

Airlines like Spirit, Allegiant, and Frontier offer some unbelievable flight prices! Check it out.

But BEWARE! These airlines make most of their money on the a' la carte items, such as bags, seats, early boarding, snacks and drinks.

On my Spirit Airlines trip to Dallas, even if I had just added in a carry on bag, my travel costs would have increased by time and a half!

With some strategy and a little planning, you can hurdle right over those extra charges and maybe afford to take your whole family away for the weekend!

Because of this strategy, everyone from our family of 7 was able to fly from Phoenix to Dallas to see our college son perform when he had the leading role in his university's musicals.

After flying on two dozen...

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Bye-bye, Laundry Piles

How would you like to say bye-bye to those nagging laundry piles?

Laundry is one of those things that always seems to be hanging over moms' heads, and it can be terribly draining. These are just a few of the problems:

  • It takes so much emotional energy to sort the clothes back to the owners...and there are so many clothes
  • Laundry sits in baskets for days awaiting folding
  • Folded laundry sits in piles waiting to be put away
  • Mom is the only one doing it

Here's an idea - LET EVERYONE CARRY THEIR LOAD (pun intended).

Can you imagine a world where everyone ages 3 and up does their own laundry?

How would that impact your life on a week-to-week basis, and how many extra hours would that buy you in a month?

 I dare you to try.

 To make the change, communication will be important. These are questions to ask each family member that can help set them up for success -- it simplifies, equips and tailors their experience:

 1. What can you get rid of from your drawers and...

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