Bye-bye, Laundry Piles

How would you like to say bye-bye to those nagging laundry piles?

Laundry is one of those things that always seems to be hanging over moms' heads, and it can be terribly draining. These are just a few of the problems:

  • It takes so much emotional energy to sort the clothes back to the owners...and there are so many clothes
  • Laundry sits in baskets for days awaiting folding
  • Folded laundry sits in piles waiting to be put away
  • Mom is the only one doing it

Here's an idea - LET EVERYONE CARRY THEIR LOAD (pun intended).

Can you imagine a world where everyone ages 3 and up does their own laundry?

How would that impact your life on a week-to-week basis, and how many extra hours would that buy you in a month?

 I dare you to try.

 To make the change, communication will be important. These are questions to ask each family member that can help set them up for success -- it simplifies, equips and tailors their experience:

 1. What can you get rid of from your drawers and closet? (Minimizing cuts the overwhelm)

 2. Do you know how to run a load of your own laundry? (Give a quick lesson. To simplify so any age can do it, have them run loads on cold and have dye trapping sheets if they have reds in the load. Preschoolers may need a step stool and their own smaller detergent bottle)

 3. Clothes storage:

  • What works best for you - hanging most of your clothes or put them in drawers/bins? 9-Cube Organizer and labeled 13" x 13"  cube bins often works well.
  • Would you like to fold them or place them loosely in a labeled bin? Folding is often not really necessary for smaller sizes, especially if the bins are not crammed full.
  • If folding them, would you like to have a folding tool to help with t-shirts?

4. Laundry hamper:

  • Where is the best place for a laundry basket - closet? Room? Bathroom? Hanging on the wall? (Consider space and functionality)
  • Would you prefer one or two mesh popups or a tall plastic one with your name on it?

Assign each person a laundry day. On their day they will place their hamper on the washing machine so it identifies their clothes, and it will be there for them to carry the clean and dried clothes back to their room. Let them know the clothes will need to be put away by the next morning before they leave for school. You might consider offering a special privilege to enjoy the day after "laundry day" for each who gets their laundry done and put away on time.

This method takes out all the angst of sorting clothes to different family members, minimizes the amount that need to be cared for, eliminates piles, takes the load off mom, and helps kids be more competent and confident.

This month in the Coach Mom Tribe we are diving in even deeper to come up with laundry solutions and spaces that support that "from frazzled to fun" Coach Mom motto

Let me know what you think of these suggestions and the changes that will work best for your home and family. The products I've recommended are my top picks, and the links included are Amazon affiliate links. 

Here's to loving your laundry!


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