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7 Things to Do Now, In Fearful Times

faith parenting Nov 09, 2023

God flew me all the way to Africa and back, 20 checkpoints each way, with an airline ticket that had the wrong LAST NAME. Yep…it was a miracle! 

I only got detained 3 times. Each time they came and profusely apologized, letting me pass through without speaking a word on my behalf!

I love to share my most exciting God stories. But I realize they all have one thing in common: a certain degree of peril

The idea of living out more God miracles sounds amazing… just never seems like a convenient time….

Right now, we all stand in a unique time ourselves…

War, threats of organized terrorist groups on our own soil who have entered through our open borders, political unrest, bank closures, and food chain disruptions all threaten our sense of peace.

But I encourage you to not be dismayed or discouraged.

One thing we know from the past: The biggest challenges are God's biggest opportunities to show...

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Gender Confusion: Help for Parents to Help Their Kids

parenting Sep 09, 2023

I felt the Lord's fierce love and compassion for today's youth as I heard Holy Spirit whisper to my heart, "For those lucky enough to even be born [and not aborted], they have had nefarious campaigns against them all of their days."

That recently happened on my weekday morning prayer call when someone was voicing a prayer for the children and the troubling things they are into.

One of those "nefarious campaigns"

The stealing of their very identities...and the confusion, defeat, hopelessness, and scars that come with it.

Yes, gender confusion.

We cannot ignore this.

Our children are getting the gender confusion campaign message from society at every turn, and they need our protection, whether they recognize that need or not.

It's time to take get equipped.

I encourage you to watch the award-winning docudrama & panel discussion:

Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities 

Kudos to Moms For America and the Epoch...

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Exposed: Scholastic Book Fair

parenting Sep 02, 2023

Of all the things we have to be diligent to protect our children from, who would have thought it would be a book fair

Yes, the "longtime trusted" Scholastic Books can't be trusted.

Not anymore.

It's not the company you knew as a child.

You won't believe the content Scholastic is trying to feed children in their 75,000 book fairs this year.

These books, peddled to pre-K to middle school children, include pornography, obscenities, same-sex parents, stories that portray parents as evil and homophobic, hidden LGBTQ content, and graphic novels that truly are graphic.

See this PDF document that is going viral exposing Scholastic (Warning: graphic content included).

As you look at the content, it will be clear to you: Scholastic no longer cares about your children.

They care about promoting an ideology that is spiritually, physically, and mentally
harmful to your children. 

Bud Light and Target are getting a good taste...

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This Roar Painting Says it All

faith inspiration parenting Aug 26, 2023

It's time to STAND. Actually let's ROAR.

What we believe is not what we say, but what we do.

Do you believe all humans have been given unalienable rights by our Creator...Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to name a few?

How are you exemplifying that now in the choices you make in these ongoing unprecedented times?

Do you want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for your children's future?

Mama, it's time to show your children what you believe and to live it out


In case you hadn't heard:

  • Colleges are reinstituting their COVID mandates. Over 100 schools have put in place a vaccine mandate
  • A major Hollywood studio, Lionsgate, is bringing back mask mandates, contact tracing, and  mandatory COVID tests
  • $1.4 billion dollars is being spent to develop yet another (the 7th) COVID booster
  • The federal government is buying up new COVID supplies in...
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Beat Colds and Flu with this Simple Bath

health parenting Aug 19, 2023

Would you like to know a simple something you can do to combat those colds and flus that might soon be lurking now that school has started and fall and winter are around the corner?

Try a detox bath.


Detox Bath

2 C. epsom salts

2 C. baking soda

2 C. hydrogen peroxide



1. Run a bath with hot water

2. Add 2 cups of epsom salts

3. Add 2 cups baking soda

4. Add 2 cups hydrogen peroxide

5. Submerge body from the shoulders down into the water

6. Soak for a half hour

7. Have a glass of water to drink so you can stay hydrated

8. Rinse with water in the shower if skin is itchy afterwards. (But avoid using soaps, shampoos or lotions because pores will be open and will more easily absorb artificial fragrances, dyes, and toxic chemicals.) 

8. A few hours after the bath, organic coconut oil can be applied on the skin to keep it healthy. 

9. Keep drinking water for good hydration.


I have heard about this simple recipe now from a...

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Do This and You Will Make History

faith parenting Jul 29, 2023

“Prayers outlive the lives of those who uttered them; outlive a generation, outlive an age, outlive a world.” – E.M Bounds

How would you like to 

  1. Be a part of a prayer movement of mamas that change history by gathering once a month with 2-3 friends or your family to pray
  2. Raise up your kids understanding how to pray powerful prayers
  3. Have the prayer plan already laid out for you, so all you have to do is download the prayer guide each month

I heard Jenny Donnelly recently share that the Lord has laid on her heart the mission to organize 250,000 prayer hubs to meet once a month and pray for one hour.

A prayer hub is simply 2-3 people who meet once a month to pray.

You can do this with other moms (2-3, or up to 10) if you would like.

Or you can do this as a family!

Will you commit to this?

After you register, you will have access to each month's prayer guide.

She has specific prayer guides for kids, too! One for ages 6 and under and...

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Something Every Parent Must Consider

parenting Jul 22, 2023

At the risk of upsetting a few people, I feel because of information I learned from three sources that all came to me on the same day this last week (I don't think that was by chance?), that I must bring up a question for consideration that is pertinent to all moms...

Is it in my child's best interest to be vaccinated with the recommended childhood vaccines?

If I had it to do all over again, I would take the time to find the answer to that question by doing more research (how much did I do when my children were young? None) before allowing my children to receive the battery of recommended vaccines at each age and stage.

I simply want to inform you of resources I have recently seen that might aid you in your research:

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Play This Song Over Your Children Tonight

inspiration parenting Jun 12, 2023

Click here to play Imago Dei. 

Here's one way you can stand for your children today.

The enemy knows that one of the easiest ways to keep our children from living out their destinies is to deceive them about their identity.

The enemy only comes to steal, kill, and destroy each life.

Especially this month with the promotion of gender confusion at every turn, it's important to talk with our children about how beautifully and wonderfully made they are.

Continuously remind them

  • God made them
  • God loves them
  • God sees them
  • God has gifted them to do great things

I encourage you to play this beautiful song, Imago Dei, by Sean Feucht over your children as you tuck each one of them into bed tonight.

Imago Dei so powerfully reminds us we are made in the image of God, and the beautiful music will touch you to your inner being.

Sean Feucht has been a major prayer warrior and advocate for the life of the unborn, and he wrote the song before the overturn of Roe...

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Family + RV + Jesus?

faith parenting May 27, 2023

I had planned to write about Target's PRIDE push (did you sign one of the circulating boycott petitions?) As I dug into this, I was surprised to discover more retailers that have similar agendas. 

One of the most shocking for me, after Target, was North Face, who just released their "Summer of Pride Tour" ad with drag queen "Patti Gonia" (one minute ad can be seen at 5:50). I guess they didn't learn from Bud Light's recent and sudden loss of 16 billion dollars because of a similar campaign.

Mama bears, let's send them a clear message...go woke, go broke.

Enough said, because I also learned about a very different tour that brings so much HOPE in this darkness, and I'd much rather focus on this!

Can you imagine doing a family vacation this year that would include joining other faith-filled families in the great outdoors for family movie nights watching "The Chosen" on a 20 ft. movie screen, fishing...

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The Clue in Your Child's Misbehavior

parenting Apr 29, 2023

Which of your children is currently in the most difficult stage?

What behavior is most challenging?

Have you thought about the giftedness that might be associated with that behavior?

We know that our greatest strengths can be our greatest weaknesses.

But we often forget that when training our children.

I was talking with a mom last night at a mom's event who talked about her concern about the deceitfulness of one of her children.

Digging deeper, I realized that the deceitful behavior his mom was describing all had to do with him wanting to make his own decisions.


A leader.

I encouraged her to sit down with him and have a talk about seeing that gift of initiative and leadership in him, but also let him know that it was not coming out in a good way in the choices he was making.

Then to let him know she wants to support that gift and let it come out in a positive way by finding whatever ways she could to involve him in the decision making of his schedule, jobs he...

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