Exposed: Scholastic Book Fair

parenting Sep 02, 2023

Of all the things we have to be diligent to protect our children from, who would have thought it would be a book fair

Yes, the "longtime trusted" Scholastic Books can't be trusted.

Not anymore.

It's not the company you knew as a child.

You won't believe the content Scholastic is trying to feed children in their 75,000 book fairs this year.

These books, peddled to pre-K to middle school children, include pornography, obscenities, same-sex parents, stories that portray parents as evil and homophobic, hidden LGBTQ content, and graphic novels that truly are graphic.

See this PDF document that is going viral exposing Scholastic (Warning: graphic content included).

As you look at the content, it will be clear to you: Scholastic no longer cares about your children.

They care about promoting an ideology that is spiritually, physically, and mentally
harmful to your children. 

Bud Light and Target are getting a good taste of how we feel about agendas like this.

It’s time to boycott Scholastic.


But what about a book fair?

Brave Books, a book company committed to publishing wholesome and character-building books for children, is taking on the Goliath of the Scholastic Book Fair and offering a great alternative book fair for schools.

Learn more here about why Brave Books is a great alternative to Scholastic.

What can you do?

  1. Forward this email to your school board, PTO president, principal, and fellow parents.
  2. Boycott Scholastic (Scholastic, you are CANCELED.)
  3. Check into helping with a Brave Books book fair for Spring 2024.


Standing for our children,


Brenna Stull



P.S. Click here to download the PDF exposing content in Scholastic books.


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