Gender Confusion: Help for Parents to Help Their Kids

parenting Sep 09, 2023

I felt the Lord's fierce love and compassion for today's youth as I heard Holy Spirit whisper to my heart, "For those lucky enough to even be born [and not aborted], they have had nefarious campaigns against them all of their days."

That recently happened on my weekday morning prayer call when someone was voicing a prayer for the children and the troubling things they are into.

One of those "nefarious campaigns"

The stealing of their very identities...and the confusion, defeat, hopelessness, and scars that come with it.

Yes, gender confusion.

We cannot ignore this.

Our children are getting the gender confusion campaign message from society at every turn, and they need our protection, whether they recognize that need or not.

It's time to take get equipped.

I encourage you to watch the award-winning docudrama & panel discussion:

Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities 

Kudos to Moms For America and the Epoch Times for partnering together to make this available. 


May the Lord show us how to protect, encourage and support our children to understand that

  • God made them (perfectly!)
  • God loves them
  • God has gifted them
  • God has amazing plans for their lives

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