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Family + RV + Jesus?

faith parenting May 27, 2023

I had planned to write about Target's PRIDE push (did you sign one of the circulating boycott petitions?) As I dug into this, I was surprised to discover more retailers that have similar agendas. 

One of the most shocking for me, after Target, was North Face, who just released their "Summer of Pride Tour" ad with drag queen "Patti Gonia" (one minute ad can be seen at 5:50). I guess they didn't learn from Bud Light's recent and sudden loss of 16 billion dollars because of a similar campaign.

Mama bears, let's send them a clear message...go woke, go broke.

Enough said, because I also learned about a very different tour that brings so much HOPE in this darkness, and I'd much rather focus on this!

Can you imagine doing a family vacation this year that would include joining other faith-filled families in the great outdoors for family movie nights watching "The Chosen" on a 20 ft. movie screen, fishing...

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The Clue in Your Child's Misbehavior

parenting Apr 29, 2023

Which of your children is currently in the most difficult stage?

What behavior is most challenging?

Have you thought about the giftedness that might be associated with that behavior?

We know that our greatest strengths can be our greatest weaknesses.

But we often forget that when training our children.

I was talking with a mom last night at a mom's event who talked about her concern about the deceitfulness of one of her children.

Digging deeper, I realized that the deceitful behavior his mom was describing all had to do with him wanting to make his own decisions.


A leader.

I encouraged her to sit down with him and have a talk about seeing that gift of initiative and leadership in him, but also let him know that it was not coming out in a good way in the choices he was making.

Then to let him know she wants to support that gift and let it come out in a positive way by finding whatever ways she could to involve him in the decision making of his schedule, jobs he...

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One Simple Way to Not Undermine Your Child's Success

faith inspiration parenting Mar 25, 2023

I've given up canceling out my own prayers for my child.

What do I mean?

Well, let's consider something that I really wanted to see change in for my child.

For example, my child was making selfish choices and always seemed to put herself above others.

When I was in a quiet reflective moment I prayed that the Lord will help her to learn to put others first and be more considerate of others.

Later in the day, when bringing in a pizza for the family and a few friends I said to my husband,  "Oh boy, here we go again...she's going to push to the front and rush to get the biggest piece as soon as we come through the door, just like she always does."

Wait a second.

Back up.

I had to ask myself, Do I believe the Bible is true?

Because I know it says this: "This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever...

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A Coach Mom Live Double Limerick

inspiration parenting Mar 18, 2023

A mom's retreat, friends made so dear

Many touching moments that brought a tear

We really chilled 

Our cups were filled

And connected with beautiful peers.


With a new perspective hope appears

And a moment to breathe, we see God is near

So take a peek

At something you might seek

To add to your *calendar for next year.



*Feb. 23-24, 2024

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Free Crisis Help for Women Ages 13-32

faith parenting Jan 21, 2023

A young woman from my daughter's high school found out she was pregnant a few months ago. We tried to help, offering to throw her a baby shower and encouraging her. Unfortunately, the pressures became too great and she terminated the pregnancy with an abortion.

If only she had been given more support, I know the situation could have been different.


Do you have a hurting young woman in your life?

Do you have a friend who has a daughter in crisis?

Are you a young woman who is struggling with a life-altering issue?


Mercy Multiplied, a faith-based organization founded by Nancy Alcorn offers help and hope for young women in of charge.

Mercy’s Residential Program helps young women ages 13-32 break free from life-controlling issues and situations, including: 


Where are the residential locations?

  • ...
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Your Invitation to Retreat to Rest, Reflect, and Reset

Click here for a video invitation to Coach Mom Live!

Most moms desire to live in a loving, thriving family environment where everyone wins. But they find themselves exhausted and overwhelmed much of the time, feeling they have too many things to do and too little time to do them.

Coach Mom Live is a fun and encouraging getaway that equips and empowers you as a mom to move from frazzled to fun. 

I want to invite you into the fun!

Coach Mom Live Retreat

Friday and Saturday, Feb. 24 & 25, 2023

Arcadia City Church, Phoenix AZ

Use promo code: JANUARY2023  by Jan. 31 for $25 off!

Highlights: Pam Farrel, author of 58 books; homemade cinnamon rolls, special sessions for adoptive parents, fun prizes, and more.

Yes, it will be worth your while! You will

  • Take a break and take a breath
  • Connect and be understood
  • Be encouraged and equipped

Don't let overwhelm, distraction or procrastination to cause these key years to pass by without living with...

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A Simple and Meaningful Christmas Tradition - The Christingle

faith inspiration parenting Dec 17, 2022


The idea of Christingles came from a Moravian Church in Germany in 1747 when minister John de Watteville gave children at the service a lighted candle with a red ribbon around it. He explained that this represented Jesus being the light of the world and the final prayer of that first service was "Lord Jesus, kindle a flame in these children’s hearts, that theirs like Thine become".

Moravian missionaries brought the tradition to the Church of England in the late 1700's and the Christingle was later made more popular in the UK by John Pensom in 1948 at Lincoln Cathedral.

The tradition is often observed either the Sunday before Christmas or on Christmas Eve.

Over the years the symbolism of the Christingle grew into what's known as a Christingle today. What does it represent?

  • The orange represents earth.
  • The candle gives light to the darkness, just as the love of God and Jesus himself does. (The foil is only there to catch waxy drips from the...
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American Girl Book Promotes Gender Transitions

faith parenting Dec 10, 2022

As you consider buying books for your child this Christmas, a book by historically-wholesome American Girl reminds us of the importance of vetting content.

The 96-page book, “A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image: How to love yourself, live life to the fullest, and celebrate all kinds of bodies” is written for girls aged 8-13 and promotes, among other things:

  • getting "medicine" (puberty blockers) from doctors in order to "have more time to think about your gender identity"
  • children contacting LGBT organizations if their parents are not supportive of exploring gender identity

“The way you show your gender to the world through clothes and behaviors is your gender expression,” the book reads, as reported by The Daily Mail. “Your gender expression can be feminine, masculine, or somewhere in between – and it might change! Maybe you’ll experiment with bright dresses and long, feminine hairstyles. Or you might try baggy...

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Urgent Call to Stand for our Children

parenting Oct 21, 2022

 Nearly a quarter of a million messages were sent to the CDC board about the vote to adopt the covid shot to the recommended schedule of childhood immunizations.

On Thursday, however, the CDC voted to add the covid-19 shot.

The impact of this decision is that every child in order to comply would be required to get this shot in order to enroll in a daycare, school, or play athletics.

Three of the concerns about this:

1. This does not allow a parent to make what they believe to be the best choice for their child.

2. There are still so many unknowns about the effects of the shot and good science in support of them is lacking.
3. Shot makers have been granted a blanket immunity from lawsuits stemming from adverse effects.

States often DO follow CDC guidelines, but are not required to.

 So let's make sure our states do NOT accept this.

Please pray with me:

Father, I pray that NOT ONE state would adopt this recommendation. Protect our children and pour out your wisdom on all...

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Beware of Animated TV Show "Little Demon"

parenting Sep 10, 2022

Have you heard about Walt Disney Company's latest anti-family move? Just this last year...

  • They posed strong opposition to a Flordia bill that would empower parents
  • They vowed to incorporate more LGBT characters and storylines into children's media
  • Now the FXX Network, controlled by Disney, is premiering the animated series "Little Demon" (showing on FX and Hulu).

According to and other online reviewers, the first episode, titled "First Blood", included:

  • satanic imagery
  • full frontal nudity
  • sex talk, including references to bestiality
  • animated blood and gore
  • pentagrams
  • dismembered bodies and melting human flesh
  • satanic rituals
  • witchcraft portrayed as good
  • graphic violence, such as beheaded chickens
  • urination on corpses
  • extreme profanity
  • teens drinking and vaping
  • glorified murder

(All this in just the first episode....)

Yet, instead of terrifying, Satan is depicted as an average, middle-aged man with a "Mr. Rogers" look (sweater included!) And Hell isn't...

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