Stull Family: What was Cooking in 2023?

in my life Dec 25, 2023


3 EARNED DEGREES - Dillon, MD (Stanford Med School), Micah, University Scholar in biology, biochemistry, philosophy & Spanish minor (Baylor), Karis B.S. in Biology with Spanish minor (Dallas Baptist University)

1 HOSPITAL RESIDENT - Dillon, Family Medicine 

1 HOUSE BOUGHT - Dillon (in Indiana)

1 HOSTED RETREAT - Brenna, the 1st “Coach Mom Live” in February (with special helps for foster/adoptive moms)

4 PRESENTED AT CONFERENCES- Dillon @ Notre Dame Ethics Conf., Karis @ DBU Conf., and Chris & Brenna at multiple

2 TEAM SPIRITUAL LEADERS - Karis and John led team prayer before their college soccer games

5 WORSHIP LEADERS - Derek and Taylor led countless hours, Dillon, Micah and Brenna led with groups. Micah worshipped at Asbury!

4 LED PRAYER GROUPS- Dillon (Stanford men),Micah (60 BU students), Brenna (3-yr old Weekday Zoom Mtg.), Chris (multiple teams)

2 GARDEN TO TABLES - Dillon’s cucumbers = gallon of homemade pickles, Chris’ peppers = hot sauce

4 HUNTERS - Chris hunted in KS with his dad, Dillon and Caleb; In AZ with Caleb and Derek.

2 WIND RIVER RANCH STAFFERS - Derek and Taylor helped run the college staffers, led worship, and all things fun

6 WIND RIVER RANCH CAMPERS - All but Dillon (he started his residency that week, so he’s PhotoShopped into the family pic!)

5 INTERNATIONAL TRIPS - Dillon went to Kenya and Karis to Guatemala on medical missions. Micah went to Israel and Colombia, then moved to El Salvador to teach English at a private high school (loves it!) Karis’ dear friend from the Netherlands came for a visit.

1 STUDIO ALBUM WRITTEN AND RECORDED - Taylor (woo hoo! Releasing early 2024! Follow @taylorstullmusic on IG for updates)

2 PHOTOGRAPHERS - Micah started his own business, Mari is team photographer for her high school’s men's basketball games

2 PUBLISHED - Dillon (in a book on bioethics), Micah (his thesis, bound as a hardcover)

2 PRIVATE HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS - Derek (band & choir), Taylor (subbing), Micah (English). (Chris hung up his coaching shoes.)

4 LOVE SPANISH - Micah, Karis, Dillon and Caleb (not Mari, but she’s loving her bioethics! Also has Mr. Stull for choir.)

7 SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDY LEADERS - (most of us host weekly groups, and are so blessed by them)

2 COLLEGE SOCCER PLAYERS - John (sophomore at Yavapai College), Karis (graduated this month from DBU). Karis will continue to play as she works on a nursing degree.

5 SKIED - Caleb, Michelle, Mari, Karis and Brenna. (Karis and Brenna survived blizzard conditions - came out wet but happy)

1 TRIATHLETE - Caleb completed his first sprint tri

3 DOGS - Chris’ hunting GSP named Ruby (2), Caleb’s hunting lab named Blue (1), Mariama’s white golden retriever named Daisy (1)

1 PLANNER OF FABULOUS PARTIES - Mari, whose 18th birthday looked like a small wedding reception (Brenna w/the assist)

9 IN WEDDINGS - Chris officiated some, and Caleb, Michelle, Derek, Taylor, Micah and Dillon were in weddings

7 IN THEIR 20’S - Ages 29, 28, 27, 25, 25, 23, 21, and 20


1 VIDEO CREATOR EXTRAORDINAIRE - Mari has created for her school promo, Wellspring Church, and for fun

2 BABYSITTERS - Mari and Karis

2 HELPED DELIVER BABIES - Dillon, and Karis (in Guatemala)

1  “BEST YEAR YET” - Micah, seeing God move in powerful ways in, around, and through him

I end with this prayer: “God is great, God is near. Let us thank Him for this year.” :)

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:1

In 2024…May the Lord bless you and your family exceedingly above all you could ask or imagine!


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