3 Fun and Thrifty Valentines DIY's

home organization Jan 30, 2021

Want some fun and thrifty DIY ideas for Valentines Day?

1. Make a custom heart-shaped puzzle - This 8-piece puzzle is super cost effective at only $1.50. Directions:

    1. Print a favorite picture of you and your sweetie onto matte photo paper in a 5x7 size.
    2. Snap the jigsaw pieces together and lay them on top of your photo, then trace around the puzzle's perimeter with a pencil. Cut out the resulting heart shape.
    3. Turn the photo and all the puzzle pieces facedown. Position the bottommost puzzle piece along the corresponding part of the back of the photo. Trace closely around the puzzle piece with a pencil, then remove. Repeat with the remaining puzzle pieces.
    4. Using small scissors, carefully cut out each jigsaw shape from your photo with scissors. Use an acid-free glue stick to mount each cutout, face up, to its matching puzzle piece, also face up. Decorate an envelope or small box to package them in.

2. Coffee filter heart wreath - This is simple, but has many steps, as you can see detailed by The Bold Abode, when you click here. It definitely packs a punch on a dime if you have a little time to put into it. 

3. Valentines Bird Feeders - Simple Joy shares how easy these are. Click here for instructions. These also again get points for cost effectiveness. 


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