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home organization Dec 12, 2020

Mom of elementary aged (or older) kids, are you ready to get the clutter moved out and get organized in a way that 3-4x your efforts? 

What if you could do that by having your kids gladly work alongside you?

But that would be a grumpfest if I tried to get my kids to help, you are thinking? It’s easier to just do it myself.

I’m here to tell you that you can

  • multiply your efforts
  • motivate your kids while training them in good life skills
  • weave “teamwork” into the fiber of your family
  • have fun doing it and
  • end up with results that you can all be proud of!

“When it’s time to get something done I realize I haven’t been the best at communicating at the best times and in the right ways, so instead of everything going just smoothly, it’s gone bumpy often with bad attitudes, including my own,” says Nicolette Scarborough, Estes Park CO mom of boys ages 13, 11, and 8.  

She said,  "So we are changing those habits. Instead of everyone huffing and puffing and being mad about it or mad at each other and pointing out the negative stuff, we are seeing that we are accomplishing so much more together.

As a mom of 7 I’ve seen how this can work. Out of my own desperation in running a large household, I’ve figured out some things that work and I help moms get their homes and families organized in a way that frees them up to move from frazzled to fun.

So much of this has to do with TEAMWORK.

As a matter of fact, I have put together a little FREE fast track home organization 5-day challenge based on some of the things I have shared with Nicolette and other moms I work with.

Using a counterintuitive plan, you and each of your kids will transform the area that causes you the most stress on a daily basis.  

This will only be the beginning -- this new breakthrough thinking will continue and people are going to love it so much they will want to keep going.

You will

  • "Trick" your eye into seeing what needs to go
  • Find your key question that leads you to success
  • Use a phone and a timer to reach your goals easier and faster
  • Begin 2021 with a fresh start
  • Use 2 bins and a trash can like a bomb

Your kids are likely more capable than you've ever given them credit for. 

With strategic communication and timing, you can get everyone onboard to learn new skills and transform problem areas in their own rooms.

You are raising more confident, competent children who are growing in their abilities and learning the value of doing their part.

If you want to kick off your year organized, join me starting Monday, January 4 for the free 5-day Organizing Alongside Kids (OAK) Challenge. 

It will be 5 days of live coaching/connecting within a private FB group. And, as you apply the simple strategies, it will pack RESULTS in

  • your home
  • your kids’ capabilities
  • your outlook on 2021, and
  • your family habits from this time on

Nicolette says, “Maybe [my kids] are more capable than I had ever given them credit for. Things I had never thought to suggest for them to do they can do, because I had never let go before.”

Click here now to join the challenge and kick off your year organized.

Do it now so you will be all set after the holidays to get started on the declutter and organizing. Just click here to sign up.


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