A Catalyst of Change Movie for These Times

faith Jun 23, 2023

"God's children are not for sale." The movie Sound of Freedom has this phrase as it's anthem.

May that anthem be loud and clear as we show up in droves July 4 and after to support this movie, produced by Angel Studios, the makers of the Chosen series.

Sound of Freedom is based on the gripping true story of a man’s mission, in spite of overwhelming dangers and sacrifices, to rescue children from the darkest corners of the world.

This action-packed drama, starring Jim Caviezel, shines a light on the harrowing reality of sex trafficking and the valiant efforts of those who work tirelessly to combat it.

The movie addresses the reality of child sex trafficking in a nuanced and creative way that doesn’t show outright sexual abuse or rape, but all of those are implied.

Because of the mature content, this movie is most appropriate for teens and older.

Despite the heavy subject, a common thread throughout the movie is that people should live in the power of hope and not fear.

Get your tickets now. If you see "Group Tickets Available" at your desired theatre, you can buy 5/get 5 free as long as tickets are available.

There is also the option to pay it forward for someone who might not be able to afford a ticket. Or if financial strain would keep you from going to the movie, you can also claim a free ticket for yourself. 

The more pre-showing tickets are sold, the longer it will be showed, so get your tickets now.

Pre-showing ticket sales are at about half a million to date, with a goal of getting #2millionfor2million (2 million viewers for the 2 million children who are trafficked each year).

I thank God for this quality and impactful movie for such a time as this, and pray that He will use this as a powerful catalyst of change.

I heard Jim Caviezel in an interview say this movie coming out now is the equivalent of if the Dietrich Bonhoeffer movie had come out in real time as Hitler and the Nazis were in power.

Do you think more people would have stood with Bonhoeffer if they had seen the movie in real time? 

Will you join me in declaring by your support of this project, "God's children are not for sale"? When millions of us stand up, the world will not be able to ignore it.

And will you share this post? Let's spread the word!


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