A Key Step to Spruce up Your Home

home organization Apr 22, 2023

Feeling that Spring Cleaning itch?

I sure was!

So Coach Mom Tribers are in the midst of a Make a Clean Sweep Contest.

We are focusing on sprucing up the common areas that guests would visit.

So...the front porch, the entry, family room, kitchen, back patio, etc.

If you'd also like to bring a little sparkle and freshness to your own home...

...the first step is seeing things from a fresh perspective.

(We can get used to our "stuff" sitting around, can't we?...til we just overlook it altogether.)

Do this:

  1. Supplies needed: phone (or camera), paper, pen
  2. Pretend this is the first time you are seeing your house.
  3. Walk outside your house and then walk back in, as if you are a first-time guest.
  4. Take photos to capture the “before” and help you to see where needed changes are
  5. Study the photos and jot down areas that need change, so when you have an extra few minutes, you know what to do
  6. Work in 15-minute increments daily on your listed tasks and you will be amazed at the progress you can make in even one week.
  7. The whole family will enjoy the spruced up common areas 
  8. You will be amazed how small changes will boost your energy, confidence, and joy.


Happy sprucing!


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