Barbie: Setting a Trap for Your Child

parenting Jun 11, 2022

The battle between darkness and light is fierce these days, and it's out for our children.

In what many would have thought would have been a safe places -- first Disney, and now a major toy company -- they are promoting their perverted agendas to try and twist our children's minds.

End of May 2022, Mattel released a new Barbie doll, fashioned after actor Laverne Cox. "#TRANS IS BEAUTIFUL" is the new Barbie hashtag.

Trans actor Laverne Cox said the new Barbie doll in his image can be " a celebration of transness, and also a space for [children] to dream, understand and be reminded that trans is beautiful," he said. "That there's hope and possibility for them to be themselves."

In a statement shared with PEOPLE Magazine, Lisa McKnight, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Barbie and Dolls at Mattel, said the brand "couldn't be more excited" to partner with Laverne Cox on the transgender doll. 

(I wonder if this excitement would wane if we shared this with other like-minded moms, then thousands of complaint calls were received and company revenues dropped off the map?)

Last week Cheryl Sacks, author of the bestselling Saturated in Prayer book series, shared "The War for our Children" on Dutch Sheets' Give Him 15 daily post with more concerning things and also a prayer we can all pray together.

Cheryl writes, "Noah Webster, the historic American patriot and originator of the classic Merriam-Webster Dictionary, has been called 'the Father of American Scholarship and Education.' He said this:

"The education of youth should be watched with the most scrupulous attention...[For it] lays the foundations on which both law and gospel rest for success.'

"What would Noah Webster think, I wonder, if he were to show up in America today? I believe he would be shocked and saddened beyond belief....

Click here to read more of Chery's post and pray this unified prayer.



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