Beat Colds and Flu with this Simple Bath

health parenting Aug 19, 2023

Would you like to know a simple something you can do to combat those colds and flus that might soon be lurking now that school has started and fall and winter are around the corner?

Try a detox bath.


Detox Bath

2 C. epsom salts

2 C. baking soda

2 C. hydrogen peroxide



1. Run a bath with hot water

2. Add 2 cups of epsom salts

3. Add 2 cups baking soda

4. Add 2 cups hydrogen peroxide

5. Submerge body from the shoulders down into the water

6. Soak for a half hour

7. Have a glass of water to drink so you can stay hydrated

8. Rinse with water in the shower if skin is itchy afterwards. (But avoid using soaps, shampoos or lotions because pores will be open and will more easily absorb artificial fragrances, dyes, and toxic chemicals.) 

8. A few hours after the bath, organic coconut oil can be applied on the skin to keep it healthy. 

9. Keep drinking water for good hydration.


I have heard about this simple recipe now from a number of sources now, most recently on TTAC's Remedy Docu-Series.

Not only is this bath good for the immune system and great to do at the first sign of sickness, it can help the body detox from harmful substances in vaccines

Speaking of vaccines, as a follow-up to my email last month encouraging you to do your research before getting your children the battery of childhood vaccinations, I wanted to let you know about a great parent resource that I found...

Physicians for Informed Consent website breaks down the facts about vaccines so you can make intelligent decisions for the best plan for your family.


I pray health for your family, Brenna!




Brenna Stull


P.S. I'm working really hard on a resource for adoptive and foster moms! It's coming together beautifully and I will be sharing more about it soon! Do you know any foster or adoptive moms....?


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