Beware of Animated TV Show "Little Demon"

parenting Sep 10, 2022

Have you heard about Walt Disney Company's latest anti-family move? Just this last year...

  • They posed strong opposition to a Flordia bill that would empower parents
  • They vowed to incorporate more LGBT characters and storylines into children's media
  • Now the FXX Network, controlled by Disney, is premiering the animated series "Little Demon" (showing on FX and Hulu).

According to and other online reviewers, the first episode, titled "First Blood", included:

  • satanic imagery
  • full frontal nudity
  • sex talk, including references to bestiality
  • animated blood and gore
  • pentagrams
  • dismembered bodies and melting human flesh
  • satanic rituals
  • witchcraft portrayed as good
  • graphic violence, such as beheaded chickens
  • urination on corpses
  • extreme profanity
  • teens drinking and vaping
  • glorified murder

(All this in just the first episode....)

Yet, instead of terrifying, Satan is depicted as an average, middle-aged man with a "Mr. Rogers" look (sweater included!) And Hell isn't such a bad place.


I urge you to take action in two ways: 

  1. Pray 
  2. Sign the petition to cancel the TV series.

Will you take 60 seconds to do those two things right now?



Father, I pray that the "Little Demons" tv series and every other show promoting evil will come to utter failure quickly. Guard the hearts of children and adults alike. What the enemy meant for evil, turn into good -- may people be repelled by the darkness and RUN to the light and love of God, experiencing the joy and fulfillment that their hearts long for. Bless producers who are willing to make good and wholesome shows with your very best ideas that will astonish, attract and entertain millions. Amen



To get the show canceled, sign this petition now.


May we be ever diligent in the fight to guard the hearts and minds of our children.


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