Christmas Gift Snoopers? Get sneaky

home organization Nov 21, 2020

The case of trying to thwart the snooper...I worked so hard at it a few Decembers ago that I have yet to find that sweater that my daughter pined for and I was sure she would not have the self-control to leave alone! (It's probably 2 sizes too small at this point....)

Do snoopers get active at your house before Christmas?

Oh, the thought of those gifts makes things soooo tempting!

It's time for you to get sneaky, girls. 

I've got a few tips for you:

  • DO NOT hide in “traditional” places where kids will search (i.e. the floor or shelf of your closet, under the bed, etc.)
  • DO keep track of where the gifts are kept. Jot down in notes on your phone where to find things when it is wrapping time.
  • DO keep as many gifts hidden in one place as possible. Ideas:
    • In an empty diaper box (put one layer of diapers on top to cover)
    • In a large suitcase stored in its usual spot
    • In a grocery bag that is hung around the neck of a hanger in the back of your closet
    • Have at least one of the places fairly accessible for you to be able to quickly add a gift in as it is purchased without having to go to a lot of time or trouble.

Here's to lots of fun surprises on Christmas morning! :)

And if you see me giving away a girls small snowman sweater as a Coach Mom prize, you'll know I finally found the gift I hid so well 3 years ago!


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