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parenting May 21, 2022

Are you concerned about the "woke" messages trying to hit your kids from every side, including elementary schools'  ABCs of socialist activism — teaching kids terms such as “W is for woke,” “S is for social justice,” and “A is for activist”?

It's up to us as parents to be intentional to help our kids understand freedom and liberty is an important party of society.

I recently heard about a book series, the Tuttle Twins, that was written by a dad who teaches the ideas of a free society through fun stories.

Maybe this would be a great tool for your family?

One parent review said, "Tuttle Twins is a breath of fresh air amidst a one sided educational system that trains kids to be good employees rather than good citizens."

I even read reviews that said the parents learned a few things alongside their kids as they read through this series.

Check out the Tuttle Twins children's book series here.

On another note...

Speaking of liberty and freedom,

Have you heard about the movie 2000 Mules?

If you are a U.S. citizen and parent who wants America to be the "land of the free" for your children, it's a must-see movie revealing a really big problem that must be fixed.

Although mainstream media has refused to report about it, theatre showings across the nation sold out and it grossed more than one million dollars in less than twelve hours on its video streaming platform.

Check it out here.

Let's stand together for freedom and teach our kids to do the same.



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