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home organization Aug 21, 2021
Do you want to start the semester organized and on top of things?
Check out my strategies in the OAK Mindmap.
These strategies not only get you organized 3-4x faster, they also help you raise confident, competent kids.
I will soon be opening a free 5-day training explaining the mindmap and giving small action steps to get you kick started toward your goals.
The training will be held within a private group only open for a short time.
Do these strategies really work?
Yes! They are tried and true...and FUN!
Coach Mom Tribers applied these strategies in July and made a boatload of progress toward their goals.
Clara Carr really shined. This is what her July looked like:
  • Organized 19 areas in her home and posted before and after photos in the group
  • Sons organized and maintained their bedrooms 15 min/day 
  • Created cool family slogan to boost morale
  • Wrote notes of appreciation to her family members commending their work
  • Honored accomplishments with a family pizza celebration
  • She cheered the rest of us on towards our own home goals

Others also made great progress:

  • Mother of four children ages 6 and under Kehau Leitz did a freezer clean out and move out, plus organized 6 other areas. It looked so good, she decided to post her home on Airbnb the 3 weeks they were out of town. (Made  $1,400 while away on vacation...brilliant!)
  • Emily Herold organized 10 areas and moved in/organized a new freezer
  • Nicolette Scarborough pulled off a room swap and spent about 6 hours serving her mother-in-law with a closet declutter (11 bags to get rid of!)
  • Angie Likens pulled off a room swap between sons' bedroom and her office.
  • Kimberly Soukup even had a garage sale/cleaned her garage and got rid of 4 big plastic yard toys

What would you most like to see accomplished at your house? 

Organized bedrooms or office?

Room swap?

Finally get that project done?

Clean out extra toys?

Get rid of items and make money with a garage sale?

Be the newest listing on Airbnb? :)

Grab the OAK Mindmap, and I hope to see you in the group training.

Other questions? Email me here.


Helping moms move from frazzled to fun,

 Brenna Stull


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