Kids Off Screens: The Unplug & Create Challenge Results

parenting Aug 13, 2021

More than two hundred hours of creative fun. That was what Elisha Scarborough, one of the Coach Mom Tribe kids, pulled off last month during the Unplug & Create Challenge.

But he wasn't the only one. Coach Mom Tribe kids earned a total of more than 5,000 stars, with each star equating 15 minutes of non-screen creative play. That's more than 1,000 hours documented of creative fun in the month of July.

With a goal to help moms get kids off screens this summer and into more enriching activities, last month the focus of the Coach Mom Tribe was a challenge designed just for the kids!

The Challenge was to do as many creative activities as they could in the month of July.  The object:

  • greatly reduce brain-numbing screen time spent on things like iPads, phones, video games & TV
  • exercise their brains 
  • have fun

While I gave them an extensive list of almost thirty fun and creative things they could do, they put my ideas in the dust with the fun things they found to do in the hundreds of hours they put toward creative fun.

Throughout the month their moms posted photos on our group page to get them extra points toward a prize drawing at the end.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of their fun:

Ben made a robot costume.

Cuyler and Kaysen camped out in the backyard during a "Backyard Alone" Adventure.

Mom gave some choices to assist their ideas for the Backyard Alone Adventure.

Cuyler also designed a toy crane from recycled materials.

Josh got on a roll creating his own joke books. This is the cover of Book #1.

This is the inside of Joshua's Joke Book #2.

For more active play, Josh constructed and ran his own hurdles.

Sam decided to help his family out by creating a homemade mouse trap.

Another fun idea: quizzing each other with Bible facts.

Tobias created an indoor ball game.

The Scarborough brothers played water balloons, and even tagged their mom when she was videoing them to post it on our page. :)

There were hundreds of other pictures posted of kids cooking, playing instruments, having water gun battles, baking, cup speed stacking, building with legos, playing board games, hiking, swimming, drawing, painting and more.

Congrats to every Coach Mom Tribe Kid who participated! Though only one, Elisha, was drawn for the grand prize, everyone was a winner as they were enriched through creative play and realized they could have a lot of fun...without their devices.

Grand prize winner, Elisha, drawing

P.S. Are you asking yourself, What is Coach Mom Tribe? It is a group of moms moving from frazzled to fun by getting their homes and families organized one step at a time...together. Each week I give a small action step and we meet once a month via Zoom. Last time we opened the doors was 8 months ago, and we will open them again soon. If you are interested in being notified next time the doors open, go here:


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