Pray For and Message our New Congress

faith Jan 14, 2023

"We pray Your blessing on us this day, O Lord. Trusting in Your daily provision, may we find ourselves like trees planted by water, that we may receive the strength and refreshment You provide. In this may we face the heat of the day and the drought of spirit that attend the demands on our time.

Reveal to us the sustenance available to us as our roots, our very beings, reach deep to find anchor in Your truth. Grant us the security of Your protection as we yearn for the refuge of Your steadfast love.

Then may we, as a Congress, as a country, and as communities seek to rid ourselves of fear and anxiety by placing our trust and confidence in You. Extend to us Your wisdom that we need not depend on our own understanding.

Test our minds this day and search our hearts. If we are found wanting, be gracious unto us.

In You does our hope find its foundation and, in Your name, will our prayers be answered. Amen."


Was this prayer, so powerful, from the opening of a long-ago Congress session, decades or a century ago?


This prayer was prayed as our 118th Congress opened their meeting just two days ago, January 12, 2023!

Chaplain Margaret Grun Kibben, House of Representatives, is bringing powerful opening prayers to each meeting.

How does this make you feel when you consider that the laws they are passing are going to significantly impact your life and the lives of your children? (Especially after the craziness we have endured these last years.)                                         

To me it brings great comfort.

Would you join me and 11,688 others (at the time of the writing of this) in prayer for our new Senators and Representatives?

Father, we thank You that our Congress begins each morning with prayer. Give our lawmakers wisdom as they seek to guide our nation. May their legislation reflect godly values and truth. Amen.

Now take one minute to send your representatives an encouraging message.


In God we Trust,




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