Praying in Unity Starting on Ash Wednesday

faith Feb 17, 2021

I think most agree at this point we find ourselves in that God is our only hope.

This past year we have seen everything else crumble around us. It's time to, in unity, lift up our eyes to the One who can help us.

Would you like to join me and thousands of others on a 40-day prayer journey?

WayMakers for years has been publishing a 40-day prayer guide leading up to Easter that includes prayers of biblical hope.

Every year I look forward to praying through it, knowing the powerful prayers will be mixed with people from all around the world. It's so exciting!

So, order your copy today and let's get started. 

For yourself:

Get the Seek God for the City 2021 eBook here. (Or you can also order a paper copy of the book there.)

For your kids:

With specially-written prayers from the same Bible verses, the Children’s Guide to Seek God for the City 2021 helps families pray together and empowers kids to learn how to pray for their community. Get the no-cost, downloadable PDF file here.


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