Simple Valentine' Doesn't Take Much

marriage Feb 11, 2023


Make it meaningful for your man with just a little thoughtfulness and a few minutes this year for Valentines. 

Think outside the box. 

How about taking a sheet of paper, writing out things you love about him, and posting it where he will see it every day? 

Talk about impact!

I want to share some posts I put up years ago that continue to strengthen my husband and our marriage. These are so old, worn out and quickly done that it's almost embarrassing to share, but I want you to see how easy it really can be.

This one, for his birthday, I taped inside his closet. (If I would have written this same thing on a card, how many times would he have seen it in comparison?)

From brainstorm to posting probably took 5-7 minutes. Notice how I listed specific things about him. Details mean so much when it comes to expressing admiration and love.

Are you thinking this doesn't look doable right now for you in your busy season?

How about the one below?

This one made it to our chalk calendar one time, no special occasion, when I just took a minute to write a few quick post-it messages and stuck them around his office and the house.

So simple...yet I wonder how encouraging this has been to him through the ups and downs and challenges of probably what has now been 3-4 years?

So...just do it. Take a few minutes, realize it doesn't have to be perfect, and give your husband some love through the written word.

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P.S.S. As you probably know, human trafficking is a huge business around the Super Bowl each year. The Super Bowl is just 5 miles from my house this year, and I have been blazing a prayer trail around it for exposures, rescues and breakthroughs this weekend.

Will you join me and thousands of other intercessors in this prayer? Father, we appeal to Your gracious and compassionate heart today to end human trafficking.



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