Super SIMPLE yet Meaningful Thanksgiving Activity

faith inspiration Nov 20, 2021

Mama, have I got an off the chain Thanksgiving activity for you!

Why so OTC?

  • So simple
  • Inexpensive
  • Requires very little prep
  • Meaningful
  •  For all ages
  • A great around-the-table activity
  • Is useful after the activity is over

What is it?


In a meeting this month with my Coach Mom Triber moms, they each shared at least one favorite holiday tradition. They had so many great ideas!

Veronica Bezanson shared what a hit a Thanksgiving paper chain was with her family. 

I realize you kindergarten teachers, first grade teachers, and homeschool moms are already on this, but many of us have forgotten about paper chains!

I challenge you to do this Thanksgiving Paper Chain activity for your family this Thanksgiving:

  1. Get paper (even copy paper white will do! That weight is the best because you don't want it to be too thick.)
  2. Turn your paper landscape
  3. Using a ruler, take a pencil and score it the width of the ruler top to bottom all the way across (or if you have a large paper cutter, use that!)
  4. That should give you eleven 8.5" long x 1" wide strips to cut (if anything, you want to go thinner with the width of each strip so they are easier to connect.)
  5. Place the strips on the table with pens or markers and ask everyone to write on it something they are thankful for (you might direct them specifically...)
    • best memory of the year
    • an unexpected surprise
    • a friend who was there for you in a special way
    • one way you had joy in using a God-given talent
    • something kind someone did for you
    • one thing God taught you
  6. Make sure you have plenty of strips so no one's thankfulness gets stifled :)
  7. After eating, while you are sitting around the table visiting, let one person read one of their strips then make it into a circle by stapling or taping it. They can do the same for their remaining strips, connecting each one to make a chain
  8. That person then passes the tape or stapler to the next person, who shares what they wrote and lengthens the chain by adding their strips
  9. ...and so on and so on...
  10. After everyone has shared and the chain is complete, hang it up. Keep it through the Christmas season by using it on the tree as garland
  11. As you look at it, it will be a reminder of God's many blessings

Comment below what you most love about this!

Be BLESSED and GRATEFUL, my friends!



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