We Need More Leaders Like This

inspiration Mar 30, 2024

Kudos to Baylor President Dr. Linda Livingstone for boldly speaking truth and sharing a powerful witness this week to the many in her realm of influence.

Linda, a dear friend of ours since the 1980's, is courageously working amidst the adversity of this dark world and all it's pressures to preserve the Christian mission of a major university (no small job, right?)

Lord, bless Linda Livingstone and all the others standing up each day for what is right and good so that our children might have the opportunity to walk in your Truth.

How can you take a stand for the Lord in your realm of influence? What is one change you could make this week, even if it is small?

[CLICK HERE] to listen to Dr. Livingstone's powerful 1 1/2 minute Easter greeting that was sent out to thousands upon thousands this week.


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