What to do with Remaining Piles after Decluttering?

home organization Jan 16, 2021

Have you been New Year decluttering and have annoying piles left over?

You know

...the stuff you want to keep

...but you don't use on the regular 

...and you don't necessarily want them taking up room in your prime real estate areas?

Don't give in to the temptation to just stuff it back into an area in your house to get it out of sight out of desperation the next time you have guests over.

The Coach Mom Tribe mamas have been working this week on a great storage box system, set up so they can easily retrieve anything in storage that they need within a matter of minutes.

It has saved me so much time, frustration and money the past 25 years.

Here's the quick gist of it: 

Fill storage boxes with "to save" items that you don't use frequently, and number them.

Make a list of those numbers (on your phone or another location), and beside each number record the contents of the box and the location of the box.

As your children grow and you take things out of the box to use and put new things in the box to store, you simply update your list.

The beauty of having a good storage system is that your prime real estate areas -- the easily accessible drawers and cabinets and storage units -- can be pared down so that they have ample room for ease of use for the things that you use on a regular basis.

The other great thing about having the list is that you know exactly where to go to find things.

I've heard from a few of you that you were sorry you missed the Organizing Alongside Kids (OAK) Challenge earlier in the month.

No worries -- you can still get training highlights and all the worksheets!

I will be hosting an OAK Challenge Recap, consolidating the training into one hour -

OAK Challenge Recap

Tuesday, January 26

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