One day in June I was laid out in a lounge chair feeling lifeless and discouraged because I was on Day 12 of COVID. 

Answering a FaceTime call, I saw my son Micah. He was calling from Guatemala where he was serving on a medical mission. 

I was clearly not looking my best or sounding my best and he could read the discouragement all over me.

He happened to be sitting at a keyboard, and, after letting me share a little with him about how things were going he played a chord and started singing. "Jesus at the center of it all, Jesus at the center of it all...." (And he went on to sing all the verses of the song.)

Tears streamed down my face as the song lifted my spirits and the hope and peace of God washed over me.

Reality sunk in -- this was a temporary trouble. And Jesus, the always faithful and always able One, is at the center of everything in my life.

Besides that, I was blessed to have a son who cared so much...